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Hi guys. Can some one (who has experience with it) share a light if it’s possible/doable/reviewer friendly option to create a Pseudo Effect in AE?

Everybody (well, not everybody) knows, that using lots of Slider Expressions in Effects tab look ugly. And it’s really hard to navigate threw them. So why not making them into Pseudo Effects?

I know, that a buyer will have a message popping up, that says “Its missing XXXX plugin”, but you could put that info in description telling that this will happen and there;s nothing to fear. All will work without this plugin.

What do you think? Any experience on that?


last time I checked reviewers didn’t allow this because of the error message.


I remember Obipost use this for his Logo Revealer, i think it kinda nice to have control organize. I wondering if this allowed to include the jsx file in zip file.


Yeah, that’s the all point - to have nice controls to your scene.
Let’s see what stuff has to say about this. I flagged my post.


I’m using this in my latest item Character Promo Kit and can give a lot of but positive feedback about it.

Together with the project it I deliver two .jsx scripts which need to be installed prior to starting the AE project. After installing the .jsx files 1 out of 10 customers will still get the “Missing Effects” error. I contacted the author of this script and he stated that this is a client side issue. I have confirmed this with a couple of customers. It has to do with not running your After Effects as “Administrator” both on Windows and Mac OS and having your permissions set too tight.

The “Missing Effect” error however is nothing but just that. Your project will still work perfectly, you’ll only get an error after each time you start up the .aep. Also don’t forget to Universalize your Expressions every time you update your .jsx scripts.

To create a Pseudo Effect is really easy once you get the hang of it. I have created really big Color Customizers and Character Creator menus (over 100 properties) with it. The only downside I found was having these big Pseudo Effects and wanting to update something. While updating itself is working perfectly… it can be a tedious work.

The way you add certain values and properties to a pseudo effect can only be done by creating “groups” and under a specific group you will have to add in a property such as position, rotation, color etc… Once you want to add a new property and group to my pseudo effect it automatically gets added to the bottom of the effect and you’ll have to manually “click it up” step by step.

This means you can’t drag around your properties or groups freely in the pseudo effects creation window. Which was very time consuming for me since in an later update of my item I had to add some color properties to the top of my effect (which has over 100 properties) so I had to click at least 200 times on the “up” arrow to get these properties up there and that is not the best way you can spend time.

Overall, for big projects with a lot of customization options this is absolutely a must have. Your clients are going to love it.

For small projects you might want to reconsider the usefulness of such a script and the possibility of the error message that might scare people away.

You can check my item’s description page for screenshots or the preview video on how this script works.


Sweet, thanks Motionvids for extensive reply.
Knowing that review team don’t complain about error message while project loading - good stuff.

Thanks again.


Ah, like so. Worth to buy that script since we all do extra controller to template. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:



See the “removal of extraneous warnings regarding missing custom effects” section on this page:

ToddKopriva said

See the “removal of extraneous warnings regarding missing custom effects” section on this page:

Thanks Todd, will definitely give this a try.