Advise needed



Hello all, I am in need of your suggestions in choosing the right wordpress theme that would have the following features

 Basic
 Advanced
(10 days free trial, and then pay $30/month afterwards. Refer someone and get 50% commission every month they pay for signal subscription)
 Elite club investor (Registrant will need to contact us)
 Private Fund Investor

Notes 1:
• The affiliate must be active in the month of consideration to benefit from the referral commission. Ref 3 above
• Elite club investor pays $500. Any time the pool of the trading capital doubles, the proceed is shared equally among members. The lock-up period is 1 year. Members pay yearly activation fee of $50. Twenty people make up each investment group, e.g GROUP 1, GROUP 2, GROUP 3, etc.
• Private fund investor needs $1,000 and above. They open a trading account using our recommended brokers. We manage the account and the proceeds of trading that accrue to the account every month is shared in the ratio 70:30% between the investor and elitetradehouse. The investor can withdraw his/her capital whenever he desires.
• Whenever an affiliate refers 20 Elite Club Investors, he/she gets 1 year trading signal free of charge.
Notes 2:
 Email alerts ( this shall be the only means of sending signal for those on 10 days free trial)

 Free fund management for the Academy
 50% of the Elite Club Investors’ yearly activation fee
 50% of signal subscribers’ monthly subscription fee


Anyone available to help?


You won’t find this out of the box.

Assuming you have a sensible budget you could look on for a freelancer to hire to help

I am looking for the best theme for this project
Searching for an appropriate theme

But can i get a theme that would fit into this. I could make further customization if necessary


You might be able to find a theme suited to training or education but given the extent of customisation you are talking about you are likely to save time, money and stress creating something with your requirements in mind


Please help me with a theme suggestion


I don’t know what is to people. They are came on forum and simply write their order like in restaurant what they want and ask for that. Do you really think that there is template for ALL business situations variations and other things?? Of course not.
If you want to earn money you need and invest it.
Pay someone who will make site by your specifications


Hi Aystar,

Sure you can do this with a wordpress theme.

There are a few themes that work with LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin. Find one that you like.

These are popular:

Or just search “lms”:

You can use PayPal for the recurring fees or you can use something like for the subscription fee.

For the commissions there are loads of plugins out there.

(I am a little worried about the viability of that business plan but hey, that’s not a web design thing!)

Good Luck


Thanks a lot.