Advance meme Maker

Cant install Advance Meme Maker (

Followed instruction-upload, change permission and run install but keep getting 500 error. Not sure if i need to edit script. Author is M.I.A.

I want to install in folder within directory (…)

any instructions or suggestions would be appreciated


I am having trouble using the meme generator. I am a fashion designer with my start up brand, “Binienu by Kaeto”. I am looking to start a UGC Campaign whereby women can create and download memes then paste it on their different social media platforms.
I would like it on a page in my website. This will ask them for their emails to add them to the mailing list then they upload their pictures and a story title, to look something like the image attached.

The memes should have features like
Fixed pre-created template for uniformity of the memes
image upload ability
meme download after picture jas been uploaded