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I’ve been looking for the perfect, ultimate WordPress theme, and I thought (think?) I had found it with your amazing Ronneby theme. However, I am extremely surprised that this glorious creation of yours doesn’t seem to have built-in functionality for easy placement of AdSense and other ads. In no of your many beautiful alternative layouts do I see anything resembling the classical placement of a 720 x 90 banner at the top, to the right of the site’s logo. I realize that Ronneby is intended (successfully) to be a unique new theme, but I don’t see how you can leave this essential option out. I am not a sophisticated WordPress user, and therefore I wish to find ONE single highly customizable theme which I can use for the between four and six sites I am currently working on (a couple of blog news sites, and a couple of sites designed to help launch a couple projects, one comic book project and one new kind of board game).

I hope that I have just clumsily managed to overlook what I hope are Ronneby’s brilliant and easy to use ad management system, and that someone here can help point me in the right direction. I will purchase ONLY themes that have an easy to use system for ads management.


Hello Kfjoldsen!

Thanks for paying attention to our theme and for your kind reply!
As for your questions, could you please get in touch with us via as far as we need to ask your for some details and provide you examples of theme functionalty most suitable for your request. We’ll also check what we can do for you if you will need some customizations for default theme functionality.
Looking forward to your email.

Best regards,
DFD team.


The DFDevelopment profile as created less than an hour after I posted my query, and tried to direct me to a gmail account, no doubt hoping to trick me into giving away my WP login information. I further suspect that the users who flagged my admittedly very annoyed, bordering on aggressive, replies to this scam attempt, are in league with this scammer. I hope Envato will look into both the scam attempt and also these dubious flaggers. And I do apologize for getting angry in text, but it frankly scares me that I was so close to trusting what I believed to be an official reply from Envato.


Hello Kfjoldsen!

It seems like there was a misunderstanding. Those were really us yesterday. We couldn’t check the flagged comments and they were most obviously flagged by Envato staff. Please use our Envato profile contact form by following this link: to get in touch with us. The letter will be delivered directly to our email and our support team will mail you back shortly. Please don’t send any confidential information any way.

Best regards,
DFD team.


Although their profile is created 1 day ago, their account has Author Level 9 badge and Affiliate Level 7 badge, something that is very hard to get. So it probably is DFD team’s real account.


It’s better to contact them directly through their themeforest profile. And WP login information is needed to check if the issue needs developer to look into your site.

You got a bit carried away here while posting your comments that’s why your comments were flagged.


Thanks, community people. I was convinced someone was trying to scam me, and I got angry and stupid. I’ve apologized to the moderator, who corrected me with suitable but courteous and friendly sternness, and I am in dialogue with the excellent folks at DFDevelopment, about my project. Envato is a wonderful place, I am learning. Best of luck to all of you with your projects.