Adding images to template description


When submitting a HTML template how do I add image in description section? I am confused with what link should I give? Should the image be on my server or Enveto server?

Please help as these images are quite useful when added to product description.

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To add images/screenshots In product description you have to first upload those images in the web as like in your webhost server. Then use img tag to show the image as like:

<img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="image" />

Just replace WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE with your image url and put the code into your product Description.


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Thank you very much for your response.

I had another query regarding HTML template upload. If I want to replace demo images with placeholder what placeholder image should be used?


You can create your own placeholder images using photoshop or can use any third party site as like

Thank you.

One more query regarding html template submission. Can I include php files in HTMl template submission?

It depends on the purpose as like you can use for a module as like contact form but site template don’t required any php file because site template is a html template.