Add Instagram to Author Social Networks Profile


Is there a chance for Envato to add Instagram to one of the social sites at Author Social Networks in our settings page? In addition, maybe also add Pinterest and remove Google+ since Google is removing Google+ entirely this April 2019.

Instagram is super important in my opinion and very active for marketing right now, I’ve got the following reactions the moment you post something on Instagram compared to other social media channels. Hope Envato can really look into this and make this happen for us.

Joe Iz



Google plus didn’t removed yet. May be it will giving update Envato with a new announcement.
But must will removed cause they are(Google Pllus authority) declare that the google plus will shutdown April 2019.
You can use that social are exist on envato account no worry about that.

Best Regards!

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I’d love to see this as well! +1

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instagram needed

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