Activation of Slider Revolution

Hi All,
can you tell, I bought the license for central versatile theme and I suppose, it´s included activation code for Slider Revolution, but I cannot activate it in Wordpress. Can you someone give me an advice

Thanks a lot ¨


What are bundled plugins?

Bundled plugins offer the same core features and functionality as the standalone version of the item on CodeCanyon.

Some plugins may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration. The plugin will still work as intended with the theme once the theme has been activated/registered.

When a plugin is updated, the theme author will include the latest version of the bundled plugin with their next theme update. So you can easily update the bundled plugin when you next update your theme.

Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


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