About of CodeCanyon Google Analytics tracking code

As you know, our old properties will be closed soon as Google Analytics 4 is coming. However, there is still no update on the CodeCanyon side to link to new properties. Any ideas on this?

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Hi @BeycanPress. We should be sending an email update next week, to all authors who currently have a Google Analytics property listed for their Market account.

GA4 is significantly different to GA3, measuring things in a different way, and requiring a very different data structure. The GA4 product itself is also still changing rapidly, and there may be privacy restrictions that prevent us from sending data out to author properties via our current method.

Instead, we’re aiming to continue providing authors with as much of the current format data as possible (e.g. audience/pages/geo/campaign) after GA3 shuts down on July 1, as we will have access to this for a further 12 months through the Analytics 360 product. We’ll have more detail on what format that will take soon.

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Okay, thanks.