About Aqua PRo Theme


I bought Aquapro theme. During building it up have difficulties.

so endly I changed the server and tried to set up the theme again but it can’t set as like as before. So I can’t customize as orginally of theme. please check the web site:


And buttons on theme how can I translate in other languages?

Please help me urgently?


Hi @starwarm,

You need to contact theme author directly, either via “Support” or “Comments” section on item page:

Please make sure to get to know with theme documentation as well.



Thank you.
How to contact directly theme author? do you know from where to get mail adresses…


There’s no need to contact author with e-mail, start a conversation using “Comments” or “Support” tab. You may be asked to open additional support ticket using authors’ support forum, but purchased item page is a great place to start support query.