A change to how we collect address information in Market

Hi everyone,

Today we’re making a small change to the way we collect information about your address.

Previously it was possible to enter a partial address from Personal Information in your Settings. This meant that you could enter just your Country, or just your City. Envato uses this information to generate financial documents like the invoice that we send on your behalf when someone buys one of your items. In preparing for Coming to America we have found that, over time, we have collected details in all kinds of weird and wonderful formats. As you know, from a compliance perspective; it’s important for you, your buyers and Envato that these details are accurate and valid.

From today, to update your billing details, you’ll need to enter a full, valid address including your:

  • First and last names
  • Street address
  • City
  • State/Region/Province
  • Country

You’ll also have the option to enter your Company name and Company number for display on financial documents. If you enter a Company name, it will show instead of your first and last names on financial documents for buyers.

As part of this change, you can now choose whether you want to display your Country on your Profile and in your Badges from Profile in your Settings.

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions below.

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Thanks for the information.:grinning: I have a question.
Should I enter the E.I.N. from U.S. for ‘company number’ field? Or, does it mean the business registration number from my country?

Will all this information be displayed on all invoices as well? Or is it just for Envato and its US office and the IRS/CIA/NSA?(JK)

What stops someone from entering false information?

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CIA or NSA already know who you are :wink:

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Thanks for your question XeePress!

The information you enter in Company number is only used for the invoice that we send to buyers in your behalf.

If you want to share the business registration details that are specific to your country on these invoices then you can - it’s for you to decide.

If you’ve submitted a W with an EIN then that will be held on record separately and won’t be included in your invoices to buyers.

I hope you find this answer helpful.