6000 sales



Thanks, ENVATO!)) I love you!))


Congratssssssss!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


o wow! Good job!


Wow!!! Congratulations!!! Great job!!!


Congrats! Good job! :wink:


Congrats, Alex! Nice numbers! :tada:


THANKS! Nice to hear!))


Congrats. Keep it up :-).


if i were u i would rather love myself, the customers that i have and the 750 followers also because they are all much more responsible for your success … u are at the basics of all as if u do not work hard u get nothing , afterwards there are the customers / buyers who trusted u and could acknowledge the quality of you items and bought and finally there are followers which are not less important in promoting that the marketplace itself is … in any case , HUGE accomplishment , happy for you and i wish u much more again :slight_smile:


Wow, big achievement :smiley: congrats


Great Jooob :slight_smile: Good Luck