5000 sales :)

The milestone of 5000 sales successfully overcome! :slight_smile:


Big congrats, @D-Music! That’s a heck of a milestone. Surprising you haven’t been featured yet!

Congrats! Very great achievement!!

Cngratulations! :rocket:

Congrats, keep up the awesome work!

Congrats - huge milestone!

Congrats! Very great achievement!!

Congrats! Inspiring achievement!!

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement!

Congratulations! Awesome achievement :tada:

Wow, congrats, awesome!

Congratulations @D-Music :tada:


Thanks for the kind words AurusAudio! And also, thank you for the great music in your portfolio, it inspires many authors and buyers!

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Thank you all for the congratulations!

Congrats!!! terrific milestone!

Great achievement, congratulations! :slight_smile:

Nice job D-Music! Great milestone achievement :slight_smile:

Congrats :clap::tada::+1:

Congrats! Great achievement