500 Sales Milestone !



Hello there everyone ! I wanted to thank the Community and Envato for their support in this great adventure that started for me just 3 months ago. Today i reached the 500 sales milestone, and iam quite proud and happy !

Thanks to all for making this possible !


Congrats my bro!!!


Wow! You are fast)
Congrats :+1:t2:


Why you not reply my message private?


And how in the world did you get 17 ratings in a 3 month?) :open_mouth: :star_struck:


Well i don’t have a clue either :blush:


:slight_smile: I love you designs are very good @cssninjaStudio


That’s a beautiful mystery))




Thanks a lot !


@cssninjaStudio Congratulations :tada:


Big thanks !



Please give me some tips and tricks how to get more sell in my web template , I have 1 landing page , but no sell …please help…


@cssninjaStudio Awesome job mate :slightly_smiling_face: :heart_eyes: