50 sales, thank you guys!



Finaly I got this number!

4 months ago I’ve started here knowing nothing about motion design, after effects, what good or bad and managed to get 1 item accepted, now there is 5 and 50 sales. It is not big but I’ve made it. I want to say thanks to people who responded to my topics, gave advises and some times hard critic. All of that helped me and still helping to move forward.

Thanks you, forum did not allowed to express it directly to 16 people by adding them to this theme but I hope some of you will read it. Thank you again and best of luck to you and all new authors on VH.


Congrats !!! @DigitalT1ger !!! Cool !!!


Congratulations! @DigitalT1ger :tada: Good luck in your future achievements :fist:


Congratulation @DigitalT1ger :tada: Me and my team wish you good luck for more sales and success :slight_smile:


@DigitalT1ger Congratulations !! :thumbsup:


@DigitalT1ger Congratulations!!! Good job!!!:blush:


Congrats! Good luck!


Thanks you guys, a lot!


Congrats! @DigitalT1ger :tada:


Nice work @DigitalT1ger! Congratulations! :boom::+1:


5 items and 50 sales. It’s good man. :smiley: . Merry Christmas.


Thank you, guys!


Congratulations! @DigitalT1ger !!!


Thank you @Kirvi!