5 Years Celebration

Time is flying so fast. I remember when my friend showed me the VH for the first time.
I was right after my graduation in Warsaw Art professional school.

My 1st Impression was, Hugh… I know AE quite good. I know how to do thinks like that and how is it possible that they sell so well. So I created my first template that was soft rejected because I used famous brands logos as examples…

And this firs animation was selling pretty good… Now there is 30 of them. Its not a big amount of projects but I always focused more at quality instead of quantity.

My most successful item the Kinetic Typography Engine took me a month to develop.
I was so happy seeing that this item was selected by Envato team as Featured item of the month.

Its 80x80 Mini was stick to the main page and binged me a lot of buyers. And after that thinks started Rollin very very good.

I would like to thank to all Envato community for lot of fun. Watching other artist and also sharping my skills.
It totally changed my way of thinking about making money and living form my creative work.

Since 2010 I was more focused at DSLR Filming in my country and few exotic places in our planet
Im still keeping up with my animation and film stuff. Working with many clients.
But VH is different. You don’t have to convince your client about your design choices. You don’t even have to see them in real life… All you have to do is to create something that will blow somebody’s mind and there is a big chance that maybe some of them will buy your project.

Now I’m back to my Art School, I’m teaching younger folks how to start at Videohive.
I see many topics here like "What did you buy form Envato earnings?"
My answer is freedom. I don’t have to go to the office/factory from 9/5. I don’t have to ask anyone can I take a trip for a month. I can go for a fishing in my little village lay back with good polish beer and have this fun feeling that probably in same moment somebody far far away is buying my design, and It will be used some ware. I’m grateful for that. A lot.


Portfolio | VideoHive

Demo Reel | Vimeo


Congratulation man. You portfolio is great. Good luck for more success :slight_smile:

Thank you janxcode. Good luck up there.

Happy “VideoHive Birthday”! :birthday::champagne: Wish you a lot of sales!

Nice story, @Hikari-Pictures, good luck with more sales!