5 on 5 Items Rejected after 14 days </3 :)

Hey there!
As i wrote, 5 on 5 items reject for the reason "item does not meet the general commercial quality standard ".

Can you please tell me what you think and what should i improve? There is no way to “fix” track and re-upload?

Thanks and cheers! :smiley:

Trendy Indie Rock https://soundcloud.com/user-521207041/trendy-indie-rock-watermark/s-4J2fh

Inspiring Corporate https://soundcloud.com/user-521207041/inspiring-corporate/s-DPaqu

Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate https://soundcloud.com/user-521207041/upbeat-and-inspiring-corporate/s-uyrNU

Inspiring Indie Dance https://soundcloud.com/user-521207041/inspiring-indie-dance/s-nFWUL

Happy Reggae On The Island https://soundcloud.com/user-521207041/happy-reggae-on-the-island/s-nJj3B

Trendy Indie Rock
Inspiring Corporate
Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate
Inspiring Indie Dance

Sonds Like you put in master reverb like large room , in another words little bad mix .

Happy Reggae On The Island
Add more sound . Like Piano maybe pad , or layering ukulele or similar etc …
It will sounds more fat )

Thanks!! Yes during mastering i use some reverb but maybe it’s too much…

It’s not possibile to fix and resend?
In their email they wrote “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again“

They means the same tracks without corrections?

In my opinion, these are good tracks with large commercial potential.
I would try to publish them on other platforms if you have been rejected here.

And what other platform would you recommend, beside here?

Check private message

I really like your tracks Woodpecker Studio. I like the compositions and sounds used. You are 90% there and you have a real corporate potential that I wish I had. I think if you stick at it you could do very well on Audiojungle. The one thing you need to do is improve the mixing and mastering (eq, compression, reverb etc) to give the tracks a more polished pro feel. If I were you I would take your best track and pay a professional trusted engineer/mixer and ask if you could sit in to learn what they do. This really helped with me and you are more talented that I am. Us Authors are artists, producers, promoters, recording/mixing/mastering engineers all in one. The learning curve is huge don’t be scared to ask for a little help. Don’t give up you have potential.

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I really appreciate your words, thank you. I will improve my skills with mix and master…i m a musician (like you i guess :slight_smile: ) and i m learning every day new things, but for sure the better way is to “follow” someone during mix and master as you said “! It’s not simple afrer reject becouse they will not say anything, i love ti :slight_smile:

keep uploading and listen to latest items it helps understand what they want to sell