33,333 sales today!

Woohoo! ThemREX reached 33,333 sales today, despite the sales being low lately. Well, let’s hope that at the end of the storm there’s a golden sky. A big thanks to Envato and its community, proud to be a part of it!:+1:


Congrats :smiley: well deserved with quality items

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Congrats :smiley: :boom:

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Congratulation! Wish You 99,999 sales as soon as possible :^)

Thats big, Congratulation @ThemeREX :tada:

Thank you @romlam !!

Thanks, @janxcode_team :slight_smile:

Most I’ve had is 20 or so in a day… impressive work!

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Congratulations !

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Very cool achievement! Congrats! :+1::birthday:

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Wow, congratulation :tada:

I’m still at 32 sales after 3 years :sweat_smile:

Awesome numbers @ThemeREX! Congratulations :tada:

awesome! congratulation!