300 Sales and i'm proud

I have been almost 3 years in AudioJungle and i’m very thrilled about my 300 sales, I know some people reached this goal in less time and some are not even close, but the thing is that we have to keep going because some day we will reach the thousands and then the millions.

Thank you Envato for believe in us and thanks the customers too , and for all the authors in AudioJungle who wonders if this is the best JOB, then the answer is Yes, keep going we are almost there.


You cool! Be waiting for 1000)

Congratulation and best of luck for next steps!!! :+1: :v:


Congrats! Great milestone :grinning:

Nice numbers! Congrats :sunglasses:

Congrats! :slightly_smiling:

Congratulations on what you have achieved here Music-Wave! :slightly_smiling:

Congrats, mate! Keep it up!

Congrats, I hope to be joining you soon in SPARTAAAAA!

This is great! Congrats!

Congrats…!!! :slightly_smiling:

Thank you guys for all your comments, let’s keep making music.

Congratulations! :grinning:

Congrats! :wink:

very nice! congrats! =)


Congrats! I think it’s a big thing!

congrats, happy for you , well done :wink: and good luck for what’s next :wink: