30 AudioJungle Items

Yess! 30 AudioJungle Items! Yes, friends, I did it in 2 months!


Congrats Paul, great work!! :slight_smile: What a nice logo you have by the way!

You wrote and got approved, or you just got 30 items approved that were already written…Writing 30 quality items for AJ in 1 months is awesome!

Nice milestone! Did you produce all of them in 2 months? That would be an amazing result.

Congrats !!! Really nice tracks !)))):+1:

This is cool! Very good result! Don’t stop on this!

I have written and uploaded 30 tracks in 2 months!

Holy cow…Nice work sir!

Congrats! @Carvine :tada:

nice ! congrats !

Congratulations! Great effort!