25 days in line!

25 days my new sounds without moving in line … :frowning:
Sales are falling. How can I influence the situation?
AudioJungle Rules for Sounds - 18 days. Nobody has been fulfilling them for a month already! Why are the rules if no one is following them?
What should I do?


What rules? There are no rules in the Jungle.


:sob: :tired_face:


Patience! :thinking:



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Hello @volkovsound :wink:! I think few people are glad from the AudioJungleRS that such a huge time check queue. :joy:
I asked, and we were answered this question not so long ago.

Therefore, I wait for better times and write tracks save them for the future, so that there is something to upload. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think that the queue will fall towards Autumn. But this is just my guess.

At the weekend, the queue is increasing. On the week is declining. + - 3 days. Obviously, the numbers that are indicated officially about the check queue do not always show the correct values.

Have a nice day! :wink:


Review queue is one thing, but I think a more unfortunate thing for Sound effects authors is that 90 000 + sound effects have been added the last week alone ( 163 000 + last month )

Envato has obviously have made some deal with huge sound effect companies that will get their catalogue mass uploaded to both market and Elements. It would be strange if this did not affect the sales for most sound effect authors. Especially for newer items.

What can you do @volkovsound ? I would certainly go non exclusive if your sales are low and upload to other sites as well.

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It is very unlikely that your assumption is true (0%). I think that there is nothing sad. You’re a little exaggerating. :slightly_smiling_face: We also have many tracks added every month, it all depends on who works and how. If the authors is ready to upload a large number of items, this is good! So the authors is trying and working tirelessly.
I am happy for such authors who work a lot on music and SFX!

My only assumption is that Envato does give special conditions for the the authors they want in Elements. But come on, in general we all know this :slight_smile:

I totally understand if exclusive sound effect authors are angry that huge non exclusive sound effect authors can bulldoze in to the market without any limits. I know I would be.

On the bright side, an increased and diverse sfx catalogue can be good for attracting customers to the market as well. I just don’t like the idea of special rules to special contributors, but then again the world has never been fair and it never will be I guess.

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Rules are created to break them. Joke. :joy:

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There is probably truth in this joke.

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Thank you dear friend for the detailed answer!
I read this thread that you are linking to, and my thought has become a little wider.
You are probably right that now all markets have fallen, including the media market. Advertising producers have almost disappeared from my invoices.
I also think that authors from other sinks came here, because they went bad there too.
I also know that some authors create 4-5 profiles, knowing that “beginners are given to earn money” and so try to return the usual income due to many profiles.
A long queue also stimulates the creation of new accounts to spread the sounds made.

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Once I loaded on different drains, but everything is bad there and I found it worth loading only on the Audio Jungle.
For me, this is an extra income. I am a sound designer for a film studio (I make a lot of cartoons) and I post those sounds that were made in large quantities for the film, but many of them were not included (I can also lay out better sounds, because they remain my property )
And I am very happy when it is in demand by other people, because my creations continue their lives in the works of other authors.
It is not only financial interests - it is interesting as a creative collaboration.
(Today I’m starting a new cartoon - it’s a very difficult job, and I don’t worry about the queue. If this is all, then so be it, if the market has fallen. I have a large portfolio and have several sales every day)


My line of sounds emptied to zero!

Thank you friends for supporting me at a difficult moment in my mental health. :slight_smile:



Loving your new sounds!

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Cosmic thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

the whole audio royalty free stock market is having a crisis where we all are part, I hope the best for future, cause right now is soooo bad

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:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

But are there any standards ??

I used to check the tracks for 5-9 days, but now 15-18 days