200 sales. Thanks to all!!

Hello! I have a small pleasant event. 200 sales! :slight_smile: Of course, many people sales a lot more, but I’m glad Envato provides such an opportunity. To do what you love and get paid for it makes me happy. Thank you to everyone who gives useful tips! All a good day and good luck!


Congratulations mate. It’s a new start. See more sales in future. Cheers. :smiley:

Congratulations!!! Wish you 2000 sales )))

Congratulation @Pulsar_Sound :tada: good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congratulations… You deserve it… =)

Congratulation @Pulsar_Sound :tada: :grin:

@Pulsar_Sound Congratulations :tada:

Congratulations and keep it up !

Congrats, @Pulsar_Sound!
A very cool achievement! Keep it up!

Well deserved, keep going higher! :gift: