200 sales - Achievement Unlocked 😁

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to say thanks! to Envato for the opportunity of doing what I like the most - MUSIC :guitar:
And also thank you to everyone who support me in any possible way: from constructive criticism to cheerful comments! :facepunch:t2:

The more I dive into Envato’s world, the more I meet cool people :wink:
This is a truly great community (the best!) and I’m glad to be part of it))


Congrats Wolf ! Good step ! :champagne::champagne:

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Hey Wolf_Music! Congrats! Keep the cool tunes coming!

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Thank you, mate!) :beer:

now -> everyone who write in this topic will get vodka from Wolf_Music. Let’s celebrate :slight_smile: I can be first, where to send address or account number ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have always good ideas.


Thanks mate!) I will :+1:t2: :facepunch:t2:

Not bad idea :joy:
My secretary will take care of the vodka)))

that was a joke man :slight_smile:

but when you reach 1K sales be prepared. Be prepared. Read my nickname, remove β€œNo” and replace β€œv” with β€œc” - I am not sleeping , I will see, I will wait :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sounds like a plan! :+1:t2: :grin:

Keep it coming!

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Thanks a lot mate!)

Hey Wolfie! :trophy:Congrats mate i am proud of you! :handshake: Know get back to work and post again soon with 1000 sales!!!

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Ha ha thanks Artsy!)
I’m working on it! :+1:t2: :facepunch:t2:

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Congrats man!!!

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Thank you very much, mate!)

congratulations my friend… :slight_smile: you deserve this and much more! happy to see you successful!!

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Thanks, mate!)
Thanks for these cheerful words) I really appretiate it! :+1:t2: :facepunch:t2:

So to keep well done! I wish you speed in the number of sales! :point_right::+1::point_left: :wink:

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Another guy who has a Great mood! That’s Great! :wink:

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Thank you so much! It’s exactly what I want! :grin:

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