2 Months back got Hard Rejection for just 15 Pages Admin Dashboard Template, Now I updated that as 100 Pages with Lots of Features but still they Hard Rejected my Item (PSD)



I write here for solution, Please some one help me out.

  1. I uploaded a 15 pages Admin Dashboard HTML template before 2 months and got hard rejection.

  2. Then last 2 months I hardly worked and Designed 21 Home pages, (Restaurant, Crypto Currency, Invoice, Hospital, Real Estate, Ticket System, Blog, Fitness, Ad Campaign, Download Management, Call Center, Event, Payments, Products, Electronic Products, Music App, Photo Management, School Management, Video Management and Weather)

Home page of Crypto Currency https://ibb.co/ctFJXd
Lots of pages are there, just provided this home page for design quality.

     Also dedicated 11 Crypto Currency Pages
     30 Elements Pages
     26 Inner Pages
     500+ UI Components.
     Totally around 100 Pages now.
  1. Uploaded as PSD Template before 2 Weeks and Got Hard Rejection with reason of “This is Previously hard rejected item”. But previously hard rejected as just 15 pages HTML template, now they rejected my 100 pages PSD template for the same name which I used for my first item.

  2. Then I changed the Logo, Name and primary color for all pages and uploaded in last week, and again Got hard rejection with reason, "Looks like you simply renamed a previously Hard Rejected item and resubmitted it as “NEW”.

They are not ready to see my all pages, designs and features of this template, they just rejecting with only one reason that “Previously Hard Rejected item”. That’s it.

What to do Now? I don’t have any idea. Please someone help me out to get approval. Because I almost 90% completed this PSD Dashboard design into HTML Admin Dashboard template.

Thanks in Advance.


Dude, everything you wrote here, you should to write in this field http://nimb.ws/hC1YiE
The reviewers are also people, they can be wrong.

Good luck!


Thanks dude, I will try.


Yes, you have reason.

@DigitalHeaps you need comments for reviewer as say @42Theme good luck, regards.



I understand your frustration. Checked the screenshot, the design is promising. Try to re-upload with this forum link and write something clearly . I hope reviewers will definitely consider it. All the best.


Thank you, I will make it.


@DigiSamaritan Thank you, I will re-upload it again. Thanks for your comment.



Just few personal thoughts:


Points noticed. Thanks for the great comments. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, Thanks for your valuable feedbacks @42Theme @JeriTeam @DigiSamaritan @Bickyg, finally got approval :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats!!! good luck with sales. regards.


Congratulations and Good Luck With Sales :slight_smile:


Super. All the best. The template looks amazing.


@JeriTeam @Bickyg @DigiSamaritan Thank you all…! :handshake: