1170 Grid System PS Action


Hello everyone,

we had a little time so we made an Adobe Photoshop Action for 1170 Grid System. It creates a document 1200x600px and draw guides and layer with columns for 12 column grid (1170px wide). Hope you’ll find it usefull for your future designs :).

Download here


Hey, you should have googled first :slight_smile: http://guideguide.me/


Hi cippo, Thanks for the guide. I am using “guideguide” from couple of moths and i found it very useful when there is no other way. But still you can find some Photoshop file that is designed to work with 1170gs and i hope it’ll be easy to find as “Twitter bootstrap 3” is in same grid system. :slight_smile:


Thanks, let me try.


GuideGuide is pretty sweet. Thanks for the tip. It wasn’t aware of it. It will become a valuable tool in the arsenal.

I used to set up a perfect 1170px desktop grid for Bootstrap 3 since my PS action for BS2 was no good anymore. I use the settings…

  • 1170px wide canvas size
  • 15px left margin
  • 15px right margin
  • 12 columns
  • 67.5px column width
  • 30px gutter width


Thanks a lot, @pixel-industry! Exactly what I need.


Thanks pixel-industry! Actions are always quicker to use.


its awesome


Glad you found it useful guys :slight_smile:


Hi pixel-industry,

Very usefull, thanks for sharing


When designing for large screen, 1200 was not perfect. Each time I have to re-size my Canvas. So I have created my own.

1170px Grid with 1440px of content area. Column width is 68px and Gutter width is 30px. (left 15px and right 15px). Canvas : 1600px.

Download Bootstrap Grid System Action


Yes, that’s a pretty old thread - 2 years ago. We are also using Bootstrap’s grid now.


Awesome and handy tool
thanks Pixel Industry


Thankyou, Very Nice!