100 sales on Envato. How I maked it.



Hello newcomers and Tops! Write the tops for nostalgia, and newcomers to motivate.

Today I reached 100 sales. Yes! And this is the first step. I believe only the first.

More recently, I played in the band on drums and didn’t know how to monetize their musical thoughts. I actually wrote a lot musla. Listened to a lot of music and generally a lot of interested in it. My friend, who was also present in this market (wished to remain invisible) called me here and explained what and how. And I started writing. A lot of painstaking and every day.

The first track came a month later (the check was 32 days) and once with 2 sales! This motivated. But the next month was quiet. I was wondering what’s wrong. And you know what? It was not so! Envato is cool, the best, super cool, but still the market! And it is necessary to understand! If you don’t like Commerce, don’t understand what it is and the more nativities to write a commercial track that you are not here. Yes, I agree that rules are made to be broken. But! To break the rules - they need to learn! Envato every day teaches me to make music. And every day motivates me money for learning and writing cool music. Listen to my first tracks. And listen to the last. For 3 months I have clearly mastered 4 new trends in commercial music, Corporate, Ambient, Festive and happy. Thank You Envato! And you! Happy new year and merry Christmas


Congratulations, bro! :tada::tada::tada:


Thank you, bro!


Congratulations Carvine! Happy Holidays and a great 2017 :slight_smile:


Congrats mister drum-machine! =D Wish you good sales!


Congratulations, @Carvine! Keep it up.


Cool, congratz!


congrats :slight_smile:


Congratulations, @Carvine ! :tada:


Cool man !!!


Congratulation @Carvine :tada: Me and my team wish you good luck for more sales and success :slight_smile:


Congratulation :slight_smile:


Congratulations :tada:


Cool! Really motivating article! Thanx and congrats @Carvine!! :tada:


Congrats ! Bravo ! And now… 200 ! :tada:
Have a good day :slight_smile:


My 101 sale give me tranding item also! My first Trending item) Good mounth)!! Thank you for all brothers!


Yes you are right. Envato educated my commercial music to become today level. Thanks Envato. Congratulation.
Merry Christmas.


Cool dude!)


Great Achievement! Wish you more and more sales! :slight_smile: )


Congrats, @Carvine!