10 sales.. few but good, and thank you all!

I want to share this small but important milestone with you.

I produced music for years for non-RF market and I’ve never had much chance to compare myself with other authors.

I’m here a few months ago and in this short time I learned many things, I listen to so much great music, I compared my work with that of others and, in a sense, I have regained the enthusiasm to do what I do, in the best way I can do.

So I want to say my thanks to Envato and to all this great community!


Congrats on the 10 sales and may your red jet fly higher and higher! :beers:

Congrats, and welcome to the Jungle! On to 100! :sunglasses:

Congrats, mate!

Congratulations :wink:

Very excited to hear this @JetSounds. Not just for the sales, but for the renewed enthusiasm. Now THAT is something to celebrate. :grin:

Hi there :grinning: Good luck on Audiojungle.

It is very refreshing to hear your enthusiasm JetSounds. Congrats on the sales and may they keep on coming :slight_smile:

Good luck to you JetSounds!! Audiojungle is really a fun place to hangout and make music!

That’s awesome, @JetSounds! Congratulations on your initial sales, and good luck on your journey through the 'Jungle!

Thanks everybody!
@ElevateAudio that’s exactly what I meant.
Make music is usually something you do on your own.
Being part of this community has given me the opportunity to see (and hear) what the others composer do, outside the wall of my studio. Great incitement.

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Congrats dude !!! Keep on :slight_smile:

Keep it up man! Don’t forget that feeling :wink: