10,000 Sales !!



Yes, it’s just a number… but it’s not just any number :sunglasses:

10,000 cheers from Sweden!


Congratulations :+1::tada::rocket::boom::boom:Well deserved with such a great portfolio!:clap::clap::clap::+1: Wish you many more and happy composing​:grinning: All the best!!


WOW. :clap: Wish you all the best. We are currently waiting for our first approval.


Congratulation @Stockwaves thats huge :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


wow, congratulation mate. Love your music :tada:




Congratulations @Stockwaves! Great achievement!! :trophy:


Congrats!! :+1:


Congrats, mate! Make it 10 times more now! This is your destination :wink:


Congratulations! Good work and wish you more sales :slight_smile: Godd Luck!


Congratulations! thats a huge number! keep it up!


It is very cool! Congrats!


Congrats @Stockwaves :boom::sparkles::gift::balloon:
Really Cool Keep it up 20 000 sales !!! Your works are very cool !!!




Huge congrats! Just read the blog post from @SnailMusic about you, and it was quite inspiring!


Congratulations! Keep it up! Cheers from Russia! :v:


Congrats SW! It is not just a number, it represents a lot of hard work :smiley: Great achievement. !!!


This is awesome!!


Congratulations! Great achievement! :slight_smile:


Most most congratulations for the great achievement :slight_smile: