__MACOSX Not Possible

Yes, the description does support this tag, but there is no need for it, instead of using it to start a new block of text, you can just keep one empty line between the blocks.

P.s. there is no need to call me โ€œsirโ€.
Thank you! :grinning:

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I have one more question my theme is using bootstrap, but at time their were widget that need to be made compatible a 5-6 locations - Their were various Options to do this such as creating 5-6 Widget Layouts or 5-6 different widgets for every area(Sidebar) of the theme, but that would have made things complicated because initially their were 51 widgets, but later we made layouts within widgets and reduced the # of widgets to 36. So My questions is under such situation at various instances to make theme flexible and versatile we have to over ride or by pass bootstrap at various places. So our theme is no more a Bootstrap Theme?

My developer showed me various themes on themeforest that have done this. I wont cite their name because they are marketing as bootstrap theme and I have no envy to their success. Thanks!

I canโ€™t help with this one Iโ€™m afraid, unfortunately I have no knowledge in themes development, you need to ask an expert.

Iโ€™m sorry.