Zombie Baby Music Video

Hello Forum - I posted a music video the other day on Youtube. The music bed is Smiley Ska by Big Egg

and we’ve agreed on a 50:50 deal if anybody ever covers the resultant song.

Hey @suburbangeek!

Fun video :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take an Audiojungle item and turn it into a song, as per the license terms. While you could argue that the end product is the video and not the song, the song cannot exists on its own.

The song is not for sale + I have an agreement with the Big Egg for 50% ownership if anything comes of it.

I’m afraid any agreement would be void as both of you still have to abide by Audiojungle license terms.

But if it’s not for sale, why is that against audio jungle’s terms?

What about your 50% agreement, what is that about?

If somebody wants to record the song, Big Egg will take it off Audio Jungle and we will have a 50:50 ownership deal. Then, whoever records it will have to pay us BOTH royalties.

At the moment, my “song” just advertising for both of us.

If the track is removed from AJ once and if the resulting song becomes a thing then it should be good. The author should make sure his other buyers are not impacted by this (especially regarding ContentID, resulting song should not be registered).

In the meantime, this is good fun, and congratulation on your creation :slight_smile:

Yes, I totally agree! I’m a huge fan of Audio Jungle AND its authors. Personally, I think that if the song was successful - I dream of SONY getting a handsome BOY BAND to do a cover - it would be great publicity for all involved in AJ.

Occasionally a track disappears on AJ for that very reason - someone wants exclusive rights, normally, to make a song. Indeed, I purchased one track for US$250, a while back.

Thanks for your compliments and stay tuned, I’ll have another similar effort, soon.