ZIP files can not be uploaded anymore

Hello, I can not upload ZIP files to Graphicriver since today. The preview and the thumb are displayed, but the ZIP file is no longer displayed.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Does anyone know a solution?

Hi @GabiWolf,

Try to clear your browser cache, update the software you use to compress ZIP files to the most recent version and try again.


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Hi, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, it did not help.
In the meantime I found out that this must be a problem of Firefox. I have just tried the upload with Google Chrome and it worked immediately.

Greetings from Berlin

I am noticing someting similar in themeforest…

Also opened a thread here : Error in Zip file upload

previously there was a dedicated zip file place for generic cms’s and one for it seems there is only the wordpress one…and throws error.I am uploading a drupal site…but cant do it. it throws an error