ZIP file problem(( Help. Please compress your files into a .zip file.

I’m sure to compress my files in zip but still say it “please compress…” I try 7zip also. There is anyone has the same problem?

7zip can sometimes be problematic. I recommend using winrar.

Also please make sure you have slected the correct .zip for the correct field (where need .zip).

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I check all things many times( everything seems okay, it doesnt work( I also check this forum, who has the same problem, they didnt solve except one(

make sure to choose the name “zip” not appreviation so main files ends by … .zip

may be you can share a screenshot of your upload, so that fellow authors can understand the problem with your zip. .

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are you sure you are getting error for the main file. can you attached the error you are getting.

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from your first screenshots I can see you have attached Release Forms as .pdf this field required a .zip. so you have to make a .zip of the .pdf and have to upload.

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you mean it should be zip but zip contain the pdf? oh i understand

its done. thank you for your attention and help :slightly_smiling_face:

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