Zapier to Wordpress Integration - on Steroids


I am debating trying to build a WordPress plugin that allows you to connect to WordPress to Zapier. Yes, this already exists, through Zapier and Hookpress but neither plugin allows you to natively connect to things like Gravityforms, or custom calendars, people who RSVP, etc. Just the native WP posts. Given all the custom post types out there, I think it would make sense to have a Zapier plugin that allowed us to get anything that’s in WP to Zapier. One zapier plugin to rule them all if you will.

For example… I have a calendar with events that people RSVP to. I want to get these people into a CRM. To get my calendar RSVP member data into the CRM I had to use a fairly ‘clugy’ method which is not ideal.

So the question is… Is this something you would be interested in?