Yuehaaaww!!! Got Another reject!

Greetings! A new gift from ENVATO :)))
What you can say? Whats wrong?

The harmonies are nice but the percussion sounds like a cheap 80ies MIDI keyboard. Also, there could be more dynamics and expression given it is a tango. As it is, it’s just sustained chords over a horrible plastic percussion.

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Good accordion and idea. Percussion and contrabass sound out of the mix and cheap

Overall I’m surprised about this rejection. I guess if anything I’d agree with the other comments regarding the percussion sounding somewhat too MIDI, and a bit too mechanical and quantized. Kontakt has some really good world/ethnic percussion libraries that would fit great with this style. Good luck!

Nice idea, but mixing is bad!!!
And track is little boring!))))

Like the idea with the mixed accordeon and heavy rhythm. Maybe it’s too difficult. Further I agree with the other replyers.

@AASMusicWorks @Infraction @AdaptSounds @FunkyVox @FirstNote Thanks to all! Ill try to fix those changes. Good luck with sales!

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