YT Haawk Content ID earnings

Dear authors, In my statistics, it comes out using identifyy for 10,000 views I earned $ 1 :cry:, How it looks in other platforms?, and whether other services operating in the haawk system like airbit or adrev offer different rates for views are this is all the same ? (not including their service fee, split, for example identifyy takes 30% of net profit, just asking about rates for views count)?

Every information is important for me, especially because I have over 200+ songs registered and if there are platforms that offer higher rates I would definitely use them.


I am also registered in this system ( [YT Haawk]

I have also registered about 200 tracks … This is of course ridiculous money, I am also tormented by doubts about using this service … maybe only for the sake of protection against thieves


Thank you very much for the information, seriously, I will ask about rates in other platforms, I know from larger labels that the monetization of the similar type of “music channels”, song with a visualizer such as college music or epic music world brings about $ 3 profit for 1000 views, but this is monetization with a yt partner program of their own channel. On logic, like all these platforms use the same Haawk system, so (at least I think) the earnings depend on the video on which our song was detected, i.e. whether the channel is monetized by the yt program, what type of ads are displayed there, although I can be in I am wrong, maybe the only advertisement that displays identifyy on detected videos is their own advertisement, which earns us pennies :joy:.

I got my March stats as well and I’m pleased by the results, definitely looks promising. I got over 5 millions of views that translated to roughly 1100 $ net earnings, which is almost twice what I was getting from Adrev. They definitely find a lot more videos.

The only thing I like less is that they seem to be way slower in removing the claims of submitted videos (up to 3 days sometimes), where Adrev could do it in a few hours.

One word about protection against thieves.

I got a copyright claim on one of my videos in my YT channel and I noticed someone released a track of mine with a different title via CdBaby on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music etc. Even if I have that track registered with Content ID, I still have the claim to be removed. (CdBaby was quick to remove it from the stores though).

This is to say that if it takes a lot for the situation to be clarified with a registered track, go figure how hard would it be if you don’t protect the music with Content ID!


I have similiar situation as @lucafrancini, you can’t leave your tracks without content id, as it would be crazy to counter claim any copyright strike. Mostly for customer protection.
It’s my first statement with Identifyy so I didn’t expected much, but it brought me the same as my last Adrev statement. It looks promising. I remember my first couple Adrev earnings were pretty sad.
I must say that Haawk finds waaaaaay more videos, like, x10 times so there is that too


Even though I’ve registered with Identifyy around mid march, I’m pleased with the results for just half of month, it looks promising. My only regret is not protecting my music earlier.


CID is only for protecting your music. You get money only from illegal use (or from content creators who doesn’t care) as a kind of bonus.

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This is what i learned from support

  • CID earnings are the same for every platform (using Haawk system)

  • it varies widely by watch time, viewer territory, etc.

  • A generally accepted average of what to expect from a million video views is around $1,750, or $0.00175 per view.

Platforms such as songtrust don’t monetize channels without an “affiliate yt partnership” program, identifyy, airbit monetises every video, even on channel with 2 subs.

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airbit, identifyy adrev

I made a lot more in the last two months with Identifyy then I did with AdRev

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