Youzer's appalling/illegal support policies - action needed

I’ve been looking for a social network plugin and was looking at Youzer - until I saw the following


  1. We do not offer support for Sexual, Dating, Racist, Alcohol, Night Life, LGBTQ, Religious Websites !’

My use is not for any of those subjects directly, but I wouldn’t give a penny to a company with such a policy.

As I understand it, Envato are based in Australia and they are the people selling the products (certainly it is who customers pay). How is this discrimination allowed?

It is contrary to Australian laws (and the law in most modern countries around the world) -

How can they lump in LGBTQ and religion with racism?

Not sure if this is the best place to complain about this but it was the only way I could find. Come on Envato, do the right thing and either force them to change their policy or stop selling it.

You can talk to support here: Envato Market Help and Support

You are unlikely to get official answers or clarity in these forums.

Thanks. I did look but couldn’t find the form before. Will do.

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