YouTube video copyright claim "Magic Nature Particles Logo from Voxyde"

I got a YouTube copyright claim from “Vellam Keratha Arakal Malayalam Short Film” although I purchased this item and thus having the license.

Can the creator of the animation or someone else help me with this issue?


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You just need to dispute that claim through YouTube and let them know you have a license for that logo. They shouldn’t claim logo template if they as well licensed that from this author. That would be violation of Content ID on YouTube.
You can also contact template author through author’s profile on VideoHive as that author should be notified that someone is trying to claim copyright on that template using Content ID on YouTube and then author could contact that channel to let them know to switch it off on their studio dashboard as well to contact YouTube to penalize that channel for violation if that channel doesn’t hold copyright.
That channel created problem by selecting monitoring for their film, but as that short film contains logo template, Content ID matching that as well. They can not submit for Content ID something if they don’t hold copyright for entire content.

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That article is related to audio Content ID and how to remove claims for music tracks in videos on YouTube once received from music rights management company. This is different situation, claimant is channel, claiming visuals and that’s deer logo opening licensed through Envato, not music.

Section #How to clear a YouTube copyright notice

Customer already disputed copyright claim, perhaps you didn’t notice screenshot shows that. :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried to explain what procedure is further and how to deal when visuals are claimed, not audio. I get many videos matched weekly on my YouTube studio dashboard which allows me to check if someone has a license for animations or not, also to monitor how clients use those. That’s the reason I am trying to help here because I understand how it works on the other side and why this happened. In this case channel owner didn’t notice that match is logo intro, and filled out the form to claim it, which can be penalized by YouTube and video content matching tool taken away from that channel if customer and logo template author complain about this to YouTube.