Youtube V2 API will be shut off at 20 april

I think this concerns a lot of us who are using the youtube API.

I submitted my old player with an upgrade to V3 instead of removing it so my buyers will not be empty handed.

Next week I will update my WP version.

I think Envato should make an announcement about this

Here the message from youtube

In March 2014, we announced that the v2 API would be retired on April 20, 2015, and would be shut down soon thereafter. To help you with your migration, we published the migration guide in September. Now, we'd like to provide you with more details on the v2 retirement timeline.

As of April 20, 2015, v2 API endpoints will be shut off with the following exception: We will keep the v2 versions of the comments, captions, and flagging features accessible for a grace period past the shutdown date. These features are still listed as “To be supported” in the migration guide. The grace period is designed to give you time to implement the new v3 versions of these features as they become available. In addition, the v2 API endpoint for uploading videos will also remain open during this time.

If you would like to test your application’s reaction to the v2 API shutdown, point it to instead of

Please migrate your app to the YouTube Data API v3 at your earliest convenience to avoid any outage.

For more information please visit: YouTube Data API v2 Turndown FAQ.


How do I know if I am using v2 or v3 ?

My calls look like this for the data API


EDIT: aw,


Yup you are using the V2 API

Here you will find the migration guide and here some info about the V3

Also you can test your APP like this

If you would like to test your application's reaction to the v2 API shutdown, point it to instead of

Thanks for the links

Seems like quite a bit of hassle, but I 'll have to do it next week no matter if I like it or not


It is. For me had to go from from xml to json and a lot of functions are still not working in the V3 API so I had to remove them.

For the buyers is the problem to obtain an API key

You can subscribe to their API revision here

I don’t get it that Envato is not replying on this topic.
A lot of apps on codecanyon and other marketplaces will not proper function anymore, so a lot of refunds by customers will follow.

Best way is to act like the facebook update.
Add v3 in the tags of the app if not make a soft rejection on the existing apps.

Just my two cents :slight_smile: but if no one wants to read this it is fine by me.

Thanks for share.

I made a small video how to get an valid API key for the youtube V3 api.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve sent this through to Envato staff. .

I’ll make this post sticky. Thanks!

Thanks !

I’ve updated my product two days ago, wasn’t really too hard but sadly in order to get page views and other statistics you need to make two API calls now, which is stupid in my opinion.

Envato can Soft Disable your item… and nothing else, refunds are not that easy to deal with…

Am I right when I say v3 will not work anymore if API key is not set ?

Yup, key is needed and the v3 cannot work without it

Too bad. Now we have to explain clients that they need to register for a YouTube API Key

Is there anything wrong if I leave an API key from one of my google accounts as default and just instruct users that they should change this or the request to YouTube API might not process?

50,000,000 units/day is the limit. What is the medium unit expense per request ? For example:{{KEY}}

I guess around 50 units ? So it should be enough for 1 million requests. I also use caching so not every call is actually made to the API.

It was only the matter of time when YouTube will decide to “monetize” (even more) it’s services … And complicate our poor developer’s life even more … :wink:


You can use your dev key but give a warning when someone uses your plugin to get their own key.
I did the same for my WP plugin

I also made a small video how to get an valid API key for the youtube V3 api.

You can use that or embed in your admin panel

Thanks man!

I’ll add your video in my FAQ