YouTube spits on your DMCA notices

It’s not that “It’s an unnecessary waste of time and money.” and nor do they ‘Not care

  • They don’t own copyright of files here. Claims can only be made by the copyright holder i.e. authors

  • The big networks have their own ways for dealing with cases like this and believe it or not weather it is a single auhtor or a global business’s legal team - the same process will be followed.

  • ‘Less scrupulous’ sites distributing files just don’t care nor bothered by DCMAs or legal threats.

  • The envato legal cover idea is great but authors will get frustrated when their cases are not successful as there is only so much anyone can do.

I am all for stopping people breaking the rules and in no way am i justifying it but it is simply not that straight forward and exactly the same with all other marketplaces

I am still waiting for someone for examples of marketplaces doing other stuff some people dislike here and the same goes for this - are there any examples of sites which fight auhtor copyright for them?

This is exactly what I think why they do not support authors in legal situations. But the main thing is that it is not negative thoughts. Envato is working hard to ensure the functionality of all markets and platforms. As I wrote earlier, I don’t blame Envato for the fact that they do not help authors with legal questions. Because they not obliged to do it. Yes, it would be great if they help, but I’m not going to get mad at Envato if they don’t.

Yes, I have not seen such examples before, as well as not seen examples of that large companies arrogate to themselves copyrights of authors, who brings a profit to a market. Also, when this occurs, losses shall be not only an author, but also buyers of a market where they bought a license, and of course the company that owns the market. Another main thing is that is a rare case, and Envato does not lose a lot of money. Just imagine what will happen if the same situation will be happen more often. :wink:

Just to be clear I do agree with what you are saying and am completely behind any way in which this could be countered. It is great that you are bringing suggested solutions.

I just feel that with of illegal uploads, mis-use of licenses etc. that realistically there’s little that can be done and if there was a plausible solution then it would have done it by now.

Hence why I always ask for examples - it’s not to be difficult but because (again you have a sensible point of view) but it is all to easy to take a narrow minded view without considering the bigger picture.

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February 26, 2016, In spite of my explanations in a counter-notification dated February 24, VEVO (SME) has reviewed their claim and has confirmed it was valid - My video was unlocked in my main YouTube channel after 30 days, but now my video was blocked again in my second YouTube channel. I do not understand, are they kidding me? :slight_smile:

Two other similar cases were found where Sony Music infringes copyrights:


  2. (Here a participant is not Sony Music, but the situation is very similar).

Just be aware - it can happen to anyone.

Sad to read someone else is claiming your hard work and toying with you if things weren’t already bad as is. Hope you get this sorted. In the meantime I remember reading a post by Tim Mc Morris in the forums on why you should register your content with ADRev.

Does not help your current situation but might help future occurrences. Good luck!

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Hey guys, fun fact here!

I have applied to YouTube to join the program ContenID to protect my copyright by myself and to eliminate the abuse of my copyright by third parties. Guess, what was the response? :slight_smile:

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your interest in YouTube’s Content ID technology. All applications are reviewed for a variety of criteria, including but not limited to an evaluation of each applicant’s demonstrated need and evidence of controlling exclusive rights to the channel’s content.

Unfortunately we are not able to approve your application. At this time, your channel’s current level of viewership suggests other rights management tools may be better suited to your needs. For example, you may wish to use the copyright notification webform to request removal of allegedly infringing videos. Please note using Content ID involves a substantial amount of training and management, and therefore works best for copyright owners with a significant body of original material that is very popular in the YouTube user community. More information on the copyright notification web form may be found at //

To build your channel’s viewership, we encourage you to explore the Optimization tips included in our Help Center.

Thanks again for your interest and your understanding,
The YouTube Team

LOL :see_no_evil:

I do not know what else to say.

Maybe you can try this:


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Yes, you are right. I should try it.

Today I’ve got a new message. Another video of my buyer was blocked on youtube.

:disappointed_relieved: it’s very sad

Happy End (almost)! :slight_smile: Finally, my project was unblocked in YouTube channels. I found out this by an accident. Yes, I still have not received any apology or answers from Sony Music, but they had made the first step – my video is finally unlocked. Well, I waiting for the second one. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you’ve ever loaded this project on YouTube and it was blocked, please, contact me via my profile page, this information will help me in the court.


Sadly Sony had nothing to do with it.
You just waited long enough for YouTube’s automatic DMCA lift to happen.

No, YouTube has rejected all my DMCA notices few times.

Yes, and once that happens the striking party has 30 days to file to court and notify YouTube. If this doesn’t happen, strike is automatically lifted after that waiting period.

We are talking about a little different thing. :slight_smile: I know how this process occurs, and about the 30 days period as well. My video in my youtube channel was unblocked few moths ago, but the digital stamp of my video was illegally registered in ContentID by Sony Music, and it had continued to block my video in other YouTube channels within the whole year. I sent to YouTube my DMCA notices with a request to remove this from ContentID. I offered to send to them all the necessary evidence, but they rejected all of this. Sony Music didn’t answer me as well.

Oh, you mean that, sorry, I got a bit lost there.
But I still doubt that Sony had something to do with unblocking video :smiley:
Sony are the biggest and most notorious засранцы-похуисты on all of YouTube -_-


They needed just send a letter to VEVO to delete my video from the ContentID.

Hi Alex,

I have very much the same issue with my footage “Flying Above the Clouds 3” which was Videohive free file of the month for Jan 2017.

Somebody purchased or may be downloaded it for free during January and used for

Universal Music Group: UMG somehow registred right it and now all my customers have the issue uploading to youtube due to visual ContentID match.

What is current status of your case? it looks like I will need to do similar steps to resolve it to help my customers.
As far as I understand it does not make sence to unblock each customer video through youtube and need to contact UMG/Vevo to remove ContentID from my footage.

Could you please advise. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Sorry to hear that, my friend. Please, write me your skype through my profile page. I speak Russian and I call you tomorrow.