Youtube & slideshare format..


Hi guys…i have a question…I finished my client job,He wants me to send him the final render in a format that he can put that on youtube and slide share…which format do i render out that he can put it on youtube and slide share?

thanks in advance


Youtube accepts most known video formats, i usually render in .mp4 or .mov . I don’t know what “slide share” means but if you want to give your client a video file that he would be able to use in presentations or in public events, you should export in mpeg-2 format (.mpg file) because it is compatible with most dvd-players and older devices, especially if the client does not know what equipment is going to use.


thanks for reply… client has sad this…(We will upload this video to and youtube, could you please send us in that format),i provide 2 different format for him (flv and mp4)


I did not know about this site, but it seems that it does not accept video files. You should check this and inform your client. Also, .flv and .mp4 are fine for youtube.