Youtube Outro Templet License

If i down load a youtube outro templet to use on all my future videos, do I have to re-register it for ever video even if i only downloaded it once. Or can i use it in all my videos for my channel?

Sorry, newb question but nothing on the website is clear about this

Hello @DM086211

I’m assuming you’re using Envato Elements since you’re talking about downloads and registrations. All licenses on Elements are available for a Single Use = the use of the Item to create an End Product (requiring an application of skill and effort). For an Item that is a template, the End Product is a customized implementation of the Item.

It doesn’t matter where you distribute the item, since this is covered in the license as well:

You can make any number of copies of the End Product created using an Item. You can distribute the End Product through multiple media.

You can read more about Envato Elements License Terms here - License Terms — Envato Elements

In case you’re referring to VideoHive, then there is another license available. You can use the product for a single End Product as well:

The end product depends on the nature of the item - for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways.

In your case, the end product is the Outro and you can purchase it one time, customise it and use it in unlimited ways.

You can read more about VideoHive Licenses Here → License FAQ | VideoHive

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