YouTube May be Providing ContentID to the Masses


Hey Authors,

Recently, I read this article regarding YouTube Beta testing a Content ID system for the masses, which will be able to detect copyrighted material and provide information to the original author regarding usage of their content, in which case the author can then take the relevant steps to ensure their content is used in the correct manner.

I am not 100% sure on the validity of this article, however I would like to hear your thoughts regarding this matter & how relevant it will be to the Micro Stock industry :slight_smile:


Interesting. But I don’t know if it’ll have any impact for us. From what I read, this “copyright match” will only apply to exact same video content, ie re-uploads, not just the audio. There also won’t be the possibility to monetize infringing videos.

This seems to be aimed at Youtubers who want to protect their original video content. Stock music authors are once again left in the cold.


I know this is all speculation at the moment, but if we were able to upload our own content just to prevent others from monetizing it, and future mishaps, that would be a very useful tool to have.