YouTube Hunter

Sometimes you can find somebody’s work on YouTube by accident. If you do, post it here.

I’m gonna start with @musotone Glitchy Digital Crystal Logo #07

This YouTube Channel (~ 2,5M subs :scream:) uses it in its intro. I hope they bought the correct license.


I found two of my songs on a youtube video with more than 1.600.000 views. :joy:


That would be a regular license! Although they’re creating over 50 videos a month by the looks of it… so they should be buying a new license at least every month.

How come every month?

By the way, wow, hadn’t ever noticed this. Actually, there’s loads of ‘abrupt’ and edited versions of this logo floating around, and I think it’s because of some dodgy template from another ‘freelancer for cheap’ type website. So it might be worth asking if they do have the right licenses.

The standard licence only allows up to 50 episodes in a series as a single use.

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