YouTube End Slate



First of all i want to thank all the designers and developers of Envato Market. The product quality in this place is over the top!

Now to my “problem”. Im looking to get a template for my YouTube videos. You know the outro part alot of youtubers use where you can see 3 or 4 videos playing with clickable annotations on them, a subscribe button with annotation etc… I seem to be able to find anything else i need on this site, but i cant find any “end slate” templates for Adobe AE.

I might not be searching the correct way but it seems i have been trying anything. If i had the knowledge i would create them myself and upload/sell them, but i dont. So if this is a new market, go for it! i woud definitly buy it!



My reply is being reviewed, probably because of self promotion(It’s not allowed in forum). By the way, I think my latest file could be of some use to you, so if you want to, chek it out( just be sure to watch the whole preview video if you do).
Best regards Kenneth! :wink:



Thanks for the answer! Well thats a great pack and i just purchased it. Ill be able to make a End Slate using that pack. :slight_smile:

Still, i think finished mockups would sell!



Thank you very much! If you get stuck, just contact me via profile or if you want to do some changes I will show you how. :wink:

Probably there is something similar on videohive, but is hard to find. I thought about doing the whole youtube mockup, probably in the near future.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Sure! Thanks :slight_smile: