Youtube Copyright Violation?


I have a video posted on YouTube which does not make any money. We received a notice saying the owner of the music has imposed a copyright violation. Our video now has an ad playing which goes to him.

We paid for this music fairly through AudioJungle and are not sure why he would do this to us. I’ve attempted to reach out to him, but no reply.

His Envato link is

Could anyone offer any help or advice as to what I should do?


That happens automatically when music is registered with AdRev, and that SHOULD be called out in the item description. Read this and see if it helps:


First have a look at the notice and look for the “Claimant”, if it says the claimant is “ARev for Rights Holder”, then there is nothing to worry about, it is a “copyright notice” merely stating there is copyrighted material in the video, it is not a violation.

You just use your license to clear the claim (may take a few hours to process). Copy paste your license at this page, as well as the video URL. And say you have properly licensed this track.

The author has to declare that the track is indeed registered with ContentID and you should have been made aware of this before buying.

However if it is indeed a “copyright violation”, it could be something else entirely and should be investigated by support. Hopefully (and more likely) it is the former.