Youtube Copyright claim - Broadcast Music Inc. On behalf of Superlala X LC-48671

Hello, I downloaded a soundtrack from Envato elements from the author: Orchestralis

I’ve been hit with a copyright claim regarding the music I’m using.

BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.
On behalf of: Superlala X LC-48671

I submitted my Youtube appeal along with my downloaded license during the initial process and it has been a week. I’ve also emailed and I haven’t heard anything back with this either.

@Orchestralis What is the expected time for this to be resolved? What other actions is needed from me?

Here’s the downloaded music

Dark Suspense Documentary Drama

Here’s my youtube URL:

Thank you

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Thank you for your message, for choosing our music and my apologies for the inconvenience!

I just replied to your email, thank you again for your patience!

All the best,

Thank you, Rafael.

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