YouTube content ID


I’m going to raise this issue again that @Wayman had before and now I’m fallen with this copyright issue with YouTube. Envato must take it seriously and acts fast against these copyright issues and find a solution to solve it, I’m very disappointed that a big company like Envato could not do anything regarding the content ID system with youtube.

10 days ago received an email from youtube telling me that my video has been blocked due to copyright infringement and I found that a company based in Egypt used my template in their song production and the whole song was based entirely on the template.

Here is the link for who want to check the song video that entirely based on my template :

I have sent a dispute and told them that you can’t register the video in the content ID youtube system as there are customers like you are using the same template and this will harm them by claiming copyright on youtube but unfortunately they still consistent that the claim is right, now I’m going to appeal it and I don’t know what will happen. What makes me feel very disappointing Envato support didn’t promise anything, all they said is Envato has no power or control to solve these issues, and to avoid future issues with customers takedown the item till solve the copyright infringement.

I don’t know what to say, takedown my item because someone purchased my template with few cents and he claims a copyright infringement and he wants to take my whole work…this is unfair

Please Envato we need to take this issue seriously as these kinds of issues will kill our motivation to continue creating quality templates.

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