Youtube claim

Hi! Nobody answer from site. I wil type it here

Audio claim
AdRev for Rights Holder
Rainforest 2min-572
AGsoundtrax / Adi Goldstein

here 2 video claims in 1 video

Gece Gelen : Cin Bebek [Eng & Malay Su

Divoká (Lyric Video)
Kateřina Marie Tichá & David Stypka

I sended text of my license for both & got answer from YT

“Hi V-SMR,
After reviewing your dispute, Divo has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.
Video title: Calming music | Solo Guitar - meditation, study, yoga
Copyrighted content: Gece Gelen : Cin Bebek [Eng & Malay Sub] | Horror Full Movie | Turkish Horror
Claimed by: Divo”

Nice. Why to pay for your videos or music?

I don’t think any Turkish horror films are available to license on Envato. You might want to double check exactly what the content is that you’re getting the dispute rejected for.

I agree with you - you dont think.
Here you can watch Turkish horror films

How rude! Please change your tone, insulting people who try to help you is unacceptable.

It sounds like you are using material that is also used in that Turkish horror film. Whether audio or footage. Maybe they used audio or footage from Envato and made the mistake to register it in their name. If that is the case, the author should be warned so that they can regain ownership of their asset.

Also, your use of music from Envato is most likely breaching the terms. Music needs to be incorporated in a project that’s greater in scope. Here, that is arguably not the case, as the footage only serve as illustration to the music. Your title is even “Calming Music” which further proves my point. This is problematic.