Youtube channel where almost all music is watermarked.

I discovered the YouTube channel where almost all the music is with a watermark.

Maybe some of you will find your music there. They managed on my two tracks
write lyrics, record vocals, come up with new names and performers! These “new” songs are available by subscription to Apple music (itunes), Spotify as well as on Youtube, Shazam since 2017 …
Youtube has already blocked these songs. It remains to deal with the rest of the resources.

Contact envato Author support. They can help you.
Or directly to owner of the youtube channel.

I wrote in support. There are a lot of pirated music besides my tracks.

It’s really funny watching the video with the watermark :smiley: :smiley: people who watch these videos didn’t ask what is that voice out every few seconds “audiojungle” :joy:ía