YouTube Channel Vignette



Hello guys,

I’d like to make a question about the Music Standard License.

I’m creating a vignette for a YouTube channel and I really liked a song from Audiojungle.

The license says that I can use in one end product. It means that everytime that I post a new video with this vignette+music I should buy another license? It’s a small channel. What would be the best license in my case?

Thank you!


Hello there,

Not sure what you mean by vignette exactly, but if the idea is similar to that of an intro, then the vignette could be considered as the end product, not the video. In which case, a single license would do for any number of videos, as long as there is no variation to the vignette whatsoever from one video to another.

If the vignette cannot be considered a single end product (variations,…), then you could invoke the series rule. This would allow you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes/a year for videos that are topic related.

Hope it helps.