Youtube Channel Take Down for Copyright Infringement

I need help. I recently had my channel taken down do to copyright strikes from a creator who publishes content on Envato, I used several of their video clips that I licensed with a membership on my Youtube channel, yet they still reported my channel and required that Youtube take it down. How is it fair to have a monthly subscription to use content that they submit to Envato for others to use and then report a person who actually uses this content. What is the point of creating and sharing content with Envato users if this is going to happen? I am disheartened as I have put a lot in creating the channel and building an audience for this to happen. Does anyone have any advice of how to get my channel reinstated? I do not even have access to my studio because of this. Also how do you report a creator on Envato?

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Your choice of license depends on what sort of Envato items you want to use in your video:

This article may make things clearer until another forum member adds their opinion.

Have you read the post? How is that helping at all with what OP is going through?

@joyouscreator123 contact Envato support as well as the author and let them know about your situation and ask for a solution. Of course something like that should not happen and it should get amended.

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Yes I did read the post but thank you for clarifying what the OP can try to resolve their issue. I don’t create the rules associated with licence terms, and merely was pointing out that there are terms of use for video (and or audio media)

The OP can also dispute this directly with YouTube:

I am also having trouble. It seems right now my license only works when I get a claim and then send proof of the license in. But, I wish to prevent all claims in advance.

Unfortunately that’s the way Youtube works. They didn’t set up a way to preemptively lift claims. As of now the normal process is indeed to receive a copyright claim, you can then clear with your license.

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I just received a pending copyright strike because my dispute was rejected. What exactly do I need to send during the dispute process? I cannot find a license code. At this time all I have to say is that I am an Envato Elements subscriber, but that is not good enough. What do people do in this situation?

I am diving into this stuff now since I got a pending copyright strike, but this might be helpful to you -

My thought is that when you post a video on YouTube, that you should reach out to one of these Content ID partners as soon as you do, which would be during the time period when your video is scheduled to go live. This is only my thought since I am a newbie to this, and I will try this myself next time.

You should have a license in a pdf file format when you register an item on Elements. This is what you want to provide to the Content-ID third-party service.

interesting. Do you know where that PDF can be found? I do not see a PDF option anywhere. If I search the help docs, I only see a download as PDF option for invoices. Since my original message yesterday, I have since found that I can download a license in a text file in the “My Downloads” page, which was causing the confusion. With other providers I have seen that the license is inside a zip together with the audio file.

My bad, I thought there was an option to have it in pdf. The license text file will do just fine.

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